Monikas fabulous evaluation has supported me in different ways: It gave me new insights to the structure of my speech and was extremely helpful in adding innovative ideas to the topic. All this was done in a sympathetic and supportive way. She is really a professional coach and adviser in every respect.

Dr. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller, Creative

Monika delivered a fantastic educational speech at the conference of District 59 Continental Europe in Fall 2008. I had the pleasure working with her as I organized the educational program for the conference and attended her speech. Monika has a professional demeanor which makes it a pleaseure working with her. She is enthusiastic and has lots of examples from her business to support her arguments. I appreciated her communication - answering fast and specific. I recommend Monika as an excellent speaker and a consultant.

March 2009, Ellen Hermens, Lieutenant-Governor Education & Training, District 59

Monika Królak is a very active, enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. I am still impressed by her professionalism. She can easily explain any subject, which makes her a perfect lecturer, coach and trainer. I had the pleasure to work with her as I organized coaching sessions for salesman. I appreciated her communication with other people and experience. I recommend Monika as an excellent coach.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Pawel Kwasiborski, Sales Manager, General Motors Polska
hired Monika as a Coach & Personal Trainer and hired Monika more than once

That's exactly what we needed! Previous trainings, which we attended, did not add anything new. Still old templates like "six steps of an effective sales manager", "7 steps to effective leadership", etc. Why haven’t we met Ms. Monika before? How much time and resources could have been saved. I recommend the co-operation with Ms. Monika Królak. We admire her professionalism, energy and enthusiasm, which gave us strength.

Sales Manger, automotive industry

With passion and insight, Monika Królak touches her audience and talks about what's important. She's a true inspiration and a charismatic leader. She really cares about her subject. Full of energy and passion, she's able to move the most reserved audience. She's entertaining and fun to watch, but most of all, she inspires and reminds you of what really matters in life. Monika moved me to tears. Out of 10 speeches that day, hers was the only one that left a lasting impression. A true inspiration and a charismatic leader.

Irene Waltz-Oppertshäuser
Marketing & Business Coach

Drei Aspekte zeichnen Monika Królak Bewertungsreden in besonderer Weise aus:
WAS - WIE und WIE VIEL davon.
WAS = Sie kann sehr gut analysieren, welche Stärken und Schwächen uns der Redner/die Rednerin in ihrer Präsentation zeigt.
WIE VIEL davon = aufgrund ihrer Analyse wählt Monika Królak die genau die Themen aus, die der Redner/die Rednerin kurzfristig umsetzen kann und ihm/ihr praktisch weiterhelfen.
WIE = Es fällt leicht, von Monika Królak Feedback anzunehmen. Sie gibt ihre sehr konketen Tipps und Hinweise auf eine sehr motivierende und freundliche Art.

Schifra Marina Wittkopp
Inhaberin der Wittkopp Strategieberatung und Redenpraxis

What I liked the most is the fact that Ms. Monika Królak is a practitioner of business. We could see that all these she used to work on with us, she worked over thousands of times on her own. At first I was sceptical and did not believe that a woman can know the automotive industry. But indeed! She was a reliable partner for us.
Friendly, human, and at the same time demanding.

Sales Manager, the automotive industry

Monika Królak is one of the most fascinating speakers I know. When she begins speaking, the world stops moving...and just listens. She opens doors in your heart never opened, she touches senses never touched before, she paints scenes and images never seen before. Monika is the required element of every spectacular speaking event!

Milena Paluchowska
Area Governor M4 2012-2013

Monika Królak is an involved, energetic and positive coach and speaker. I like Monika best in her evaluation role when she precisely points out areas in which she'd see a room for improvement - never ever using any negative word. Every time she does it the way that's magically encouraging to take the next step. And when she lists what she liked about the speech or a role, you can truly feel you did your best. I exactly remember how she evaluated my evaluation given to somebody and how it influenced my approach to next feedbacks I gave. The other face of Monika that I know, the face of the speaker, is equally great. I do not speak German and believe it or not, I was moved after the speech Monika gave in this language during the European Championship of public speaking. I only knew the plot and the rest was in her voice, body language and contact with the audience. I literally believed she was talking to me. And when I saw her speaking in English, my emotions were taken to an unexpected level.

Piotr Chimko

During the coaching sessions with Ms. Monika, I noticed that my clients (companies) have changed their attitude towards me. Suddenly they became more friendly, ready to talk, and in general I started to like more my job. But today I know that thanks to Ms. Monika my attitude has changed and not this of my clients. My methods of work and its planning have changed as well.
I liked the most, I got the individual recommendations and tips (addressed only to me) on how to develop myself and even on how to work on it.

Fleet Manager, OTC program

Finally I have a real sales manager at the company. Through coaching sessions with you my employee (sales manager) leads the department, plans, motivates employees and is active. He also changed the way of speaking. I used to be upset with his oral reports at meetings with the heads of all departments. He could not communicate precisely what he wanted; much time had passed before he got to the point. Now he speaks logically and is prepared. You are worth all the money.

The President, the automotive industry, the program TC

Monika Królak is a professional speaker taking actively part in international competitions of public speaking. In this role, Monika is a great ambassador of Poland at the international stage. She has had great successes winning first prizes in competitions amongst the best speakers not only in her native language - Polish - but it is also unbeaten in the category of German and English.
With great ease she can deliver a very interesting speech in front of a demanding audience. Always fantastically prepared.
Her speeches focus very often on the most important life values ??and key issues in business.
I had a big pleasure to listen to Monika’s speech in the competition during the European Championships of public speaking in German, organized for the first time in history in Poznań, Poland, in May 2012.
Monika is a real European public speaking champion! I'm sure that one day she will "reach the stars" in this discipline!

Grażyna Mazurska, the owner of consulting company

It gave me so much. Already the first coaching session with you has opened my eyes to important issues and brought a lot in my life.

Sales Manager, TC program

At first I thought it would be a boring training or seminar, and that somehow by doing little I could survive. Meanwhile, Ms. Monika Królak as my coach pushed me and convinced me to a regular work like none before. Sometimes it seemed to me that I cannot do it, but I received her support every time. She has always believed in me and she knew how to raise expectations so I could develop. There were no templates, diagrams or old ways. I wonder why the company has not offered me coaching with Ms. Monika before.

Sales Manager, automotive industry, TC program

Thank you for your leadership and willingness to serve our organisation. Personally I value your work as one of the top leaders in Europe leading your team in consistent and enthusiastic way. You encouraged and inspired people in your division. You've been a great example for therm leadership by presence. You took care of two nations or better cultures and led a truly international team. You are an example for a succesful leader.
You have been focused on goals and went the extra mile to inspire members to give more.
We appreciate and are honored to have served with you to such hilarious result and congratulate again on your outstanding accomplishments!

Executive Committee, District59, Toastmasters International

Ms Monika Krolak conducted for Korporacja Absolwentów Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie two very interesting lectures on the subject public speaking skills. Ms Monika Krolak presented basic rules of public speaking skills and what is even more important to us sources and methods of improving them. At the same time we had an opportunity to observe and highly appreciate her professional speaking skills.
We are very happy with this ongoing relation with such an experienced speaker and all the time members of our organization make use of the knowledge and contacts with Ms Krolak.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Korporacja Absolwentów Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie is an alumni association of career leading alumni of Cracow University of Economics.
President of K!AE” February, 2007
Krzysztof Pawlak,
hired Monika as a Personal Trainer in 2006, and hired Monika more than once

I hate you! That is usually a nice comment on events and talents of people I know. The same I shout out to Monika Królak at the awards ceremony of the European Championships in Public Speaking in May 2012 when I heard she won the contest in German language. Why? Because Monika is the essence of talent, hard work and the best features of the speakers. She is authentic, true, don’t make up, and her personal stories squeeze tears. I also heard twice her speech in Polish language "As a piece of chocolate". Shivers passed along my back every time and I had tears in my eyes.
I am proud to know Monika Królak – the first Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in Poland ever and the European Champion in public speaking. I can add, the titles fully deserved.

Krzysztof Nepelski
PKP TM, Kraków

What I appreciate about Monika is her commitment, professionalism and organization. She is an excellent speaker and her speeches are always moving and memorable. She is multilingual (English, German, Swedish and Polish) and understands other cultures so well, therefore in her speeches she can convey her message directly to the listeners’ hearts. She is also very courageous and she was the first Polish in the history who had a workshop for the big audience at the District 59 Conference in Bamberg. She is both a goal and people oriented person and you can always rely on her. As Division C Governor she worked very hard bringing together people from Poland and Germany. She proved to be a great team leader organizing Division C Conference in Warsaw in May 2010. Her skills and humour which she showed as a moderator during the Conference made it a big success and everything went smoothly. If you want a devoted, professional and human-oriented coach and leader, choose Monika.

Anna Cibor,
President of VIP

During the time I worked with Monika I was consistently impressed by her use of praise and acknowledgment in motivating those under her supervision, myself included. This was especially crucial to our situation as everyone was a volunteer and such praise was critical to the continued motivation amongst her group of six Area Governors. I also appreciated her somewhat 'hands-off' management style, where she would give us the outline of a task or goal and allow us to pursue the objective as we saw best, frequently checking on progress, but trusting in us to find solutions and never second-guessing our decisions. The result was consistent successful completion of our goals in addition to a positive feeling of accomplishment and acknowledgment of our efforts.
I do not exaggerate when I say that Monika is literally the best manager I have ever worked under. It was truly a pleasure.

October 2010 Charles G. Whitmer, Area Governor - District 59 (continental Europe) Area C2 (Eastern Germany), Toastmasters International

Many thanks for a fantastic workshop at the Successful Women's Week. The meeting with you was really inspiring! You have an unusual amount of positive energy and our audience got a large part of it for sure. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you again.

Malgorzata Sawicka, Coordinator of SWW

This is to certify that Ms. Monika Królak, public speaking coach led on 12th December 2007 and 19th December 2007 two workshops in the second edition of the Successful Women's Week.

Thanks to Ms. Monika, the participants could get a lot of valuable information on public speaking: first of all on how and where they can learn these skills, then under the guidance of a professional test their skills in practice.
The high attendance at the workshops and a large number of questions from the participants were the best evidence that both the workshops topic and content submitted by Ms. Monika was extremely interesting. Ms. Monika has a true gift of public speaking, she can establish a fantastic contact with the audience and really knows all these what she is talking about. Therefore, without hesitation we can give to Ms. Monika Królak the highest credentials and we hope to continue our cooperation also in the subsequent editions of the Successful Women’s Week.

Malgorzata Sawicka and the team of SWW

Monika is an exceptional speaker. She has unusual staging charisma and charm. Listening to Monika's speeches is like watch 3-D movies ... because, her whole body speaks, including eyes, lips, hands ... even tone of her voice. Listener knows from the beginning that, whatever she communicates comes from her inner self, and she believes and genuinely wants us to take her point of view and lead us. I think that she can inspire everyone with her values, which are honesty, professionalism and simplicity but foremost proper balance in everything she does. You like Monika from the first sight, which makes further communication easy and smooth. Working with her is a real treat!

Arkadiusz Bigos, Oracle Sales Cloud Engineering Team