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Coaching and counselling for people who have to speak and present

Would you like to move the audience with your speech / lecture? Do you want someone to tell you "I heard your address three years ago and I still remember almost every word"? Certainly, you want to convince your customers with your presentation and have them ask you questions. Do you feel upset or do you have butterflies in the stomach before you speak in public? Your desire and goal is to speak with confidence and to convince the audience of your ideas. Coaching in the field of speaking / presentation with company KMKM - Key Message / Knowing Market is the right answer. With our support many customers overcame the fear of public speaking and have achieved their goals.

Speeches and presentations for the German-speaking/Polish-speaking audience

Do you cooperate with partners from Germany\Poland or do you intend to establish new contacts in this country? This means that in your speeches, presentations and business talks with German/Polish partners you have to take into account the cultural differences. Germans and Poles are different in terms of communication and perception of personal interactions. Over the years we collected invaluable experience that can help you and your company.

Certainly you do not want to commit the faux pass, which sets you and your company in a bad light. Through coaching with company KMKM- Key Message / Knowing Market you will receive proper tools in persuasive communication with foreign partners.

Speaking / presenting trainings

Based on an analysis of your needs, work environment and the current skills of your employees, we will prepare trainings for up to 10 people. Together we will work out the formula. Depending on your needs you can count also on the involvement of specialists from abroad and training in the chosen language. Our company works with top professionals in Europe, including the European Association of Speakers and Trainers / European Professional Trainers Group.


Do you plan a corporate event such as sales force meeting, banquet or event with your customers? Looking for the speaker, who will address the audience, touching their hearts in a unique way? Need inspiration, humour and passion? I speak on the topics such as sales, presentation, leadership, team, business in Germany and Poland, core values ??in life and business. Company KMKM - Key Message / Knowing Market offers lectures and speeches tailored to your objectives and events agenda. Please contact us.. We will define together the topic which is interesting for you.