Don't kill your listeners with a boring introduction.

20 April 2016

Autorka: Monika Królak

What is your strategy to deal with and how long can you stand it?
A boring introduction of a business presentation can kill us, your listeners. I experience it almost every time sitting at different conferences, meetings and business presentations.

Still remember a meeting in January this year. Five presentations of five different companies. Each of those presentations started in the same way.
„Our company is called so and so, we are so big, so great, have such a team, such services, revenue, history, mission,..... my name is, I do this, have so many years of professional experience, etc.”

I checked my watch, almost 5 minutes were over. Each company's representative had up to 10 minutes for the presentation on conclusions regarding co-operation with business partners from other countries (recommendations).

I looked around, some people were checking their phones, other drawing flowers or figures on the sheet of paper and some people even falling a sleep.

There was one sentence in my mind. „Please skip it and get to the point”.

Do you really think that your listeners need all these bla, bla, bla, whishy-washy introductions about your company and yourself?

I assure you, your listeners don't need it.

If you give them great content, some practical hints and tools, they will approach you after the presentation. I am sure. They will ask you questions regarding your company,yourself and of course the key points from your presentation. They will seek for more.

If you want your listeners to hear some words on your person and your enterprise before the presentation, just let the organizators introduce you briefly. I repeat it, BRIERFLY! Don't kill your listeners with a boring introduction. Get to the point!


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